About Keri

I LOVE my job! I love the fact that I get to meet amazing people and share their special memories and events with them. My clients become my friends! What more could I ask for?

I have two beautiful little girls and an amazing husband. I feel very lucky that Adam and I get to work together--and we ENJOY it!

Our goal is to capture beautiful images that tell a story for you to cherish.

The highest compliment that anyone can pay to me is a referral to a friend. If you like what you see...pass my name along!

Thanks for taking time to check out my work!



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Kamren, 6 months

6 months????!!!! How did that happen already? So this little guy is the most SMILEY kid I know! He has such an adorable grin! His whole face lights up when he smiles...What a doll!!! Next up...Kamren's 1 year session! It'll be here before we know it!

This next series of 3 CRACKS ME UP!!!! Kamren loves Bourbon so much! The last shot is my favorite...



Barron Family

The Barron Family has something unique. They have a relationship with each other that not every family has. They love each other (like families do), but they have true friendship, as well. I think that is so special and important. They have fun together, they play together, they REALLY talk to each other...it's wonderful.
Their session was supposed to be an outdoor session but the rain wouldn't stop--I guess that's what we get for living in Oregon, right?! I am so happy that we ended up indoors, because I think we were able to capture THEM by being in the studio.
I want to give a public "thank you" to the Barron family. Many of you know that I am a volunteer photographer for the "Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep" organization. It is an amazing organization! Through Mercy Medical Center and NILMDTS, we are able to provide families with beautiful portraits of their special little angels that are only with us for a short time. Mary is one of my on-call assistants. She is willing to come (and has come) any time, day or middle of the night, with me as my assistant on these special shoots. She couldn't do it without the support of her family. I want to tell you guys how amazing I think you are for being so generous with your time! THANK YOU!!! It means so much to me and to the families that we serve!

A few things that I am thankful for....

I am thankful for...

...good health

...amazing friends who are like family and amazing family who are also friends

...challenges that cause me to stretch and grow

...a renewed sense of hope for the future

...a flourishing and thriving business that brings me so much joy

...wonderful clients who have all become friends along the way

...Shayla & Keaton, who give so much


...my beautiful girls

...two wonderful birth mothers who have made it possible for Adam and I to be parents

...an amazing husband who is supportive and loving

I hope that you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Kenzie is one of my Blue Models from DHS. This was her second session for the year. What a GORGEOUS girl!!! Last time we went to a park...so this time we went urban! She brought along her best friend for the session, so we snapped a few of the two of them together.
Aren't they beautiful??!!
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Vincent Family

My session with the Vincent Family was SO MUCH FUN!!! They are so full of life, energy, happiness, silliness, love...did I mention silliness? They have an amazing ability to cut loose, laugh, tease and have FUN!!! We did some family pictures and then I did some engagement pictures with Yuri and Alyssa. What a cute couple!
Enjoy your pictures, guys!


What can I say about Megan...? Megan, Megan, Megan.....I LOVE the girl!!! Megan contacted me last summer with questions about photography. She shadowed me at a couple of weddings and some other shoots so that she could "learn the ropes" of the business side of photography. She is so mature that I keep forgetting that she is still in high school! Her session was really fun! She was really comfortable in front of the camera and just so stinkin' cute!
Enjoy your photos Megan!
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How is it that Kellen is 1 year old already??? I've been photographing him since he was 3 months old and that seems like yesterday! It's crazy how fast it goes by--especially when you're not the one awake with the baby at night! ;) It doesn't always feel quite so fast to the parents! Kellen is ADORABLE!!! He is such a good-natured, happy little boy. I love the crinkles at his eyes when he smiles! His eyes and eyebrows are so expressive! I have really enjoyed watching him change from a baby to a toddler through his first year. I can't wait to see him change from toddler to little boy!!! Thanks mom and dad, for letting me be part of his milestones!

I had to include the crying shot! He's so cute that I could go on forever with him....this is how mom and I know when it's over!
The end.


I am happy to announce the arrival of my "Blue Fusion" packages!

What is Fusion Photography???

Fusion is a cutting edge genre of photography that combines video footage with traditional still portraiture to create a beautiful, new form of art. Very few photographers are offering Fusion Photography at this time. I am thrilled to announce that Blue Fusion has arrived! I will now be offering Blue Fusion as an add on to all of my regular sessions. Be sure to ask me for details when you call the studio!

To see a sample of Blue Fusion, watch the demo below. (Note- If you have high speed internet, be sure to click the red "HQ" button on the media player to watch in higher quality.)