About Keri

I LOVE my job! I love the fact that I get to meet amazing people and share their special memories and events with them. My clients become my friends! What more could I ask for?

I have two beautiful little girls and an amazing husband. I feel very lucky that Adam and I get to work together--and we ENJOY it!

Our goal is to capture beautiful images that tell a story for you to cherish.

The highest compliment that anyone can pay to me is a referral to a friend. If you like what you see...pass my name along!

Thanks for taking time to check out my work!



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Kabrissa, Class of 2011

Introducing, the lovely Kabrissa!  Isn't she gorgeous??!! 
Kabrissa is doing a split session, so watch for her Q&A with her next blog posting.  Kabrissa was one of Adam's students last year.  We ran into her at Disneyland last spring and after she was gone I turned to Adam and said "Ooooo, I hope I get to take her Senior Portraits next year...."  When they called to set up the appointment I was so happy!   She is beautiful and smart.  What a combo!!!!  Enjoy your portraits, Kabrissa!

Shelby, Class of 2011

I had such a fabulous time with Shelby! Her mom and sister joined us--and boy, are they all fun!!!!  We all laughed and giggled the entire time like little girls.  Shelby's sister was a fantastic lighting assistant--and even got some revenge while on the job, by blasting little sis with light. Tee hee!  Thanks for a fantastic session, ladies! 

 Shelby is doing a split session so watch for her Q&A with her next blog posting.

Baylee, 6 months

Sweet little, smiley Baylee is 6 months old now!  She was full of smiles for her session.  Such a doll!

Vanessa and Nate Wedding

What a beautiful wedding for a beautiful couple!  Vanessa and Nate are two of the nicest people I have ever met!  Their wedding day was relaxed and absolutely perfect.  I have enjoyed working with them so much over the past year.  Enjoy your slideshow, Vanessa and Nate!


Kyndra, Class of 2011

Keri: Tell me a little about yourself!

Kyndra:  I love music. I'm in jazz choir, jazz band and symphonic band at my school and plan to major in music.

Keri: How fun!  I was a music major for about two years!  Classical voice, actually.  I changed my major after I realized that I didn't want to perform or teach for my career!  ;)  You are going to have so much fun as a music major!  What is your dream job?

Kyndra: I LOVE musicals and New York is my favorite place in the world. If I had my way, after graduation I would be on a plane to New York on my way to start a life of singing on Broadway :)

Keri: Tell me something about your personality...

Kyndra:  I'm more on the quiet and reserved side, but once you get to really know me I tend to open up a bit more.

Keri: Fun fact about you...

Kyndra: I'm the most inflexible person in the world, and when I try to touch my toes the farthest I get is just below my knees. My legs are just longer than the rest of my body!

Keri:  LOL!  I feel your pain!  The "sit and reach" test in Elementary School was always so embarrassing!!!!

Keri:  Talk to me about your shoe collection!  This is impressive!!!

Kyndra: My favorite shoes are converse, of course. I counted the other day and I have 23 pairs, and my collection is always growing!

Keri: A favorite of yours?

Kyndra: My new favorite things are my bracelets that make different shapes and I'm always on the lookout for new ones.

Keri: Favorite thing to do in your free time?

Kyndra: My favorite people in the whole wide world are my 5 closest friends. we've been best friends since 5th grade and have always been super close. We refer to ourselves as the "core." My favorite thing to do is drive around town at 11:00 at night getting McDonalds and Dutch Bros. and just going to random places with the 5 of them.

Keri: Do you play any sports?

Kyndra: Softball is my favorite sport and I've been playing since I was about 7 or 8.


Introducing, the adorable, Rylee! 
Isn't she tiny?!  We were able to photograph Rylee with lots of different sets once she fell soundly asleep. Yay!!!!  Can't wait to see her at 6 months!


I am happy to announce the arrival of my "Blue Fusion" packages!

What is Fusion Photography???

Fusion is a cutting edge genre of photography that combines video footage with traditional still portraiture to create a beautiful, new form of art. Very few photographers are offering Fusion Photography at this time. I am thrilled to announce that Blue Fusion has arrived! I will now be offering Blue Fusion as an add on to all of my regular sessions. Be sure to ask me for details when you call the studio!

To see a sample of Blue Fusion, watch the demo below. (Note- If you have high speed internet, be sure to click the red "HQ" button on the media player to watch in higher quality.)