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I LOVE my job! I love the fact that I get to meet amazing people and share their special memories and events with them. My clients become my friends! What more could I ask for?

I have two beautiful little girls and an amazing husband. I feel very lucky that Adam and I get to work together--and we ENJOY it!

Our goal is to capture beautiful images that tell a story for you to cherish.

The highest compliment that anyone can pay to me is a referral to a friend. If you like what you see...pass my name along!

Thanks for taking time to check out my work!



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RHS Seniors....

Roseburg Oregon Senior Portrait Photographer
Roseburg Oregon Photographer
Roseburg Oregon Wedding Photographer
Attention RHS Seniors....
I found out a couple of weeks ago that the yearbook deadline for RHS has been moved up an entire month this year. The deadline is February 2nd! Time is running out!
Can you believe how fast the time is going by???
It will be graduation day before you know it! ;)

Merry Christmas!

Wishing you a Merry Christmas!
We hope your day is wonderful!


Dakota's session ROCKED!!! He is so much fun! We laughed and talked throughout his entire session. What a FANTASTIC guy! Thanks for choosing me to take your senior portraits, Dakota!
PS- Dakota, know anyone with wicked cool black belt ninja skills??!! ;)

Cade and Ava

These little cuties are my niece and nephew. They are so stinkin' cute! They were so funny during their session. They know that they don't have to behave for Aunt Ker because she's a big pushover! We got LOTS of silly faces and big laughs with a few posed shots in the mix. It was perfect!!! I sure love them!

Check out those curls!

Fox Family

These girls are absolute DOLLS! Look at how sweet they are! It always cracks me up-the difference between sessions with boys and girls. No wrestling here! Just sweet, smiling girls with just the right amount of sass. ;) I love it ALL and I LOVE the variety in the sessions!

Arscott Family

Hmmm...two young boys and a formal family photo session... If you can't beat them...JOIN 'EM! We turned it into a family wrestling session and got some great pictures!!! It was so much fun to see Chris and Chanda and their boys in action! What a fun family!

Those boys have got ALL the wrestling moves down and mom and dad know how to defend themselves with their killer tickle moves! We did get some nice family shots, too...but aren't these more fun anyway??!! ;)

Brotherly love...?!

Ahhhh! So cute!

Andrea and JJ

Well, it's happened again....I've fallen behind on my blogging!
Bad Keri! ;)
This session was really fun! JJ is such a cutie!!! Andrea is an amazing mother! This is my second year photographing them and I always look forward to their session.

Monkey needed his picture taken, too! ;)

Powell Family

I look forward to the Powell family session every year! I LOVE the Powell family!!! This is my third year photographing them. The kids are so cute! Each year the kids have taken turns not wanting to have their picture taken...any guesses on who it was this year? ;) We did end up getting some good smiles in the end!

Stephanie & Ryan

This session with Stephanie and Ryan was an especially rewarding one. They have had a year with ups and downs. I have mentioned before that I love my job, and one of the reasons that I love it the most is because I get to build friendships and bonds with my clients that go far beyond photography. Stephanie and Ryan have given me special permission to talk about their experience over this past year. First, a few more pictures from their maternity session with baby Jayden!

Playing music for her...aren't they cute??!!

Nearly a year ago now, I met Stephanie and Ryan for the first time. I met them through Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep, as they were saying hello and goodbye, to their sweet little baby Luka. Now little Jayden is on her way to their home! At a time where there is so much joy for them, we also wanted to take a moment to remember little Luka, as we await Jayden's welcome to the world.

We also wanted to take the opportunity to raise awareness about the NILMDTS program. As Stephanie and I have talked about their experience with Luka, she has mentioned to me that she didn't realize the number of families out there that have shared their experience in losing a child. The number of people that are touched by the loss of a child is larger that we know at the time. Then, throughout the years following the loss, it starts to surface; just how many people are praying for the families and thinking about them--even if they don't know them well. Many people have lost a child of their own and hold a special place in their hearts for the families.

My role in NILMDTS is to provide the families with portraits of their little angel. Sheila Nielsen, April Cullett and myself are the three local photographers who are involved in the NILMDTS program. As an organization, NILMDTS moves beyond photography by providing support forums and resources to help guide grieving families and friends.

We've all been faced with the questions of "what do I say?" and "what should I do?" The NILMDTS website has question and answer links, stories from families that have lost a baby, chat rooms for parents, chat rooms and forums for the extended families and friends, and much more.

On a local level, Mercy Medical Center has an amazing team of Nurses, Staff, and Volunteers who are deeply committed to helping the family members navigate through the pain and raw emotion in order to find healing. It is a process, and the MMC infant bereavement team along with hospice are a wonderfully dedicated and compassionate resource. I would encourage you all to take a moment and check out the NILMDTS website. If you can make a donation, please do. EVERYTHING is done on a volunteer basis and at NO COST to the families, so donations are always appreciated. If you want to contribute, but would prefer to do so on a local level, contact me and I can tell you ways that you can help. We are always in need of baby clothes that have to be hand made (due to the small sizes), teddy bears that are given to the parents so they don't go home with empty arms (although by no means a substitute for baby, it helps to have something to hold), special two-part heart pendants that go with baby and home with mom and dad, blankets, hats, booties, keepsake boxes, etc.

I want to take another quick minute to thank MY volunteers who are so generous with their time and their willingness to serve. My husband, Adam, who comes with me when I need him to hold the light, and who never complains when I get called out--day or night, or whether we have to put our own plans on hold to be able to go to the hospital. My friends who have been willing to step in and take care of my two girls so that I could run to the hospital. And my two on-call friends, Mary and Laura who are ALWAYS willing to drop everything and come with me, day or middle of the night. I am so grateful to all of you, because I wouldn't be able to provide this very special service without you.

Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep

Baby Luka


Dolly and Bill came to my studio for a really touching session. Dolly was recently diagnosed with terminal cancer and only has a few more months. I am an animal lover, and for this session I had a lump in my throat the entire time--but I nearly cried when Bill started telling me about Dolly and what she means to him. I had to swallow a lot to keep the tears away. ;) Dolly is more than a pet. Dolly has been Bill's right-hand working dog on the ranch for 11 years. It was amazing to watch the way Dolly focused on Bill. She was aware of his every move the entire time they were with me. Bill's wife, Sharon, and I were having a hard time getting Dolly to look at the camera, because she only wanted to look at Bill. Finally, Sharon had an idea, so she grabbed the spurs and jingled them in the air. Instantly, Dolly's working instincts kicked in. Her ears went up and she was ready to go! Dolly will be missed.


I am happy to announce the arrival of my "Blue Fusion" packages!

What is Fusion Photography???

Fusion is a cutting edge genre of photography that combines video footage with traditional still portraiture to create a beautiful, new form of art. Very few photographers are offering Fusion Photography at this time. I am thrilled to announce that Blue Fusion has arrived! I will now be offering Blue Fusion as an add on to all of my regular sessions. Be sure to ask me for details when you call the studio!

To see a sample of Blue Fusion, watch the demo below. (Note- If you have high speed internet, be sure to click the red "HQ" button on the media player to watch in higher quality.)