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I LOVE my job! I love the fact that I get to meet amazing people and share their special memories and events with them. My clients become my friends! What more could I ask for?

I have two beautiful little girls and an amazing husband. I feel very lucky that Adam and I get to work together--and we ENJOY it!

Our goal is to capture beautiful images that tell a story for you to cherish.

The highest compliment that anyone can pay to me is a referral to a friend. If you like what you see...pass my name along!

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Dolly and Bill came to my studio for a really touching session. Dolly was recently diagnosed with terminal cancer and only has a few more months. I am an animal lover, and for this session I had a lump in my throat the entire time--but I nearly cried when Bill started telling me about Dolly and what she means to him. I had to swallow a lot to keep the tears away. ;) Dolly is more than a pet. Dolly has been Bill's right-hand working dog on the ranch for 11 years. It was amazing to watch the way Dolly focused on Bill. She was aware of his every move the entire time they were with me. Bill's wife, Sharon, and I were having a hard time getting Dolly to look at the camera, because she only wanted to look at Bill. Finally, Sharon had an idea, so she grabbed the spurs and jingled them in the air. Instantly, Dolly's working instincts kicked in. Her ears went up and she was ready to go! Dolly will be missed.

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Jeannetta said...

Ok, so I was reading this out to the girls, and I couldn't finish. I started to cry.
What a great story, and great photographs for them
Well done my dear!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures and a beautiful story to go with it. We know Bill and Sharon and how much Dolly means to Bill. And yes, we were in tears as well. From the bank girls.


I am happy to announce the arrival of my "Blue Fusion" packages!

What is Fusion Photography???

Fusion is a cutting edge genre of photography that combines video footage with traditional still portraiture to create a beautiful, new form of art. Very few photographers are offering Fusion Photography at this time. I am thrilled to announce that Blue Fusion has arrived! I will now be offering Blue Fusion as an add on to all of my regular sessions. Be sure to ask me for details when you call the studio!

To see a sample of Blue Fusion, watch the demo below. (Note- If you have high speed internet, be sure to click the red "HQ" button on the media player to watch in higher quality.)