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Beth-Anne and David's Wedding

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Beth-Anne and David are an amazing couple! They are sweet and FUN and were a joy to work with! Their wedding was absolutely stunning! Andrew Calvert was their wedding planner, so every detail was carefully planned for and executed to perfection! Beth-Anne and her mom also payed incredible attention to the details of the wedding.
Team them up with Andy and you have a recipe for gorgeous success!

They were married at Umpqua River Retreat on a day with a beautiful stormy sky. We were all nervous about rain but it ended up working out perfectly and the deep clouds made for some beautiful pictures! Whew!!!

Beth-Anne and David, it was an honor to be your wedding photographers!
Thank you for choosing us for such a special day!

To view your slideshow, click the link below:


Just a quick side note about the cake... Beth-Anne's dad made the cake!!! A rolled fondant cake, no less! I am SO impressed!!! Fantastic job!

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Susie Christian said...

These pics are beautiful! As one of the bridesmaids I have to say it was a lot of fun working with you Kari. You did an outstanding job!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe how amazing the pictures turned out. I am very impressed. The pictures down by the river were my favorites. The lighting is what makes them.

Ashleigh said...

The pictures are so beautiful! The lighting on them is amazing! I love the ones with their feet in the water down at the river! I think my favorite one i where they are both under the veil!

Julia said...

Wow these wedding pics turned out amazing! You did a wonderful job! & you were so fun to work with!

Tianna said...

I love the pictures by the water they are so beautiful and creative!

Anonymous said...

The pictures are all so unique and wonderful...Love them.

Anonymous said...

I love the pictures! They are all Breath Taking. Great job and I love your style!!!

Lyndsi said...

Wow! Some of the greatest wedding photos I've seen! Wish I would've hired you ;) It was awesome to see you work with the bride and groom... you had a lot of energy and creativity! Keep up the good work!

Lisa said...

I love these pictures! You did such a wonderful job, and also as a Bridesmaid it was a lot of fun working with you. You truly captured how I think the wedding went... "Picture Perfect".

Carissa said...

Gorgeous pictures. My favorite is the wide lens shot, full of the beautiful scenery and the sun peeking out behind the hills! classy :)

Ken said...

Great Pics!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous lighting and beautiful couple!

Beth-Anne said...

Keri the pictures look amazing!!! Thanks for lending your amazing talent for the weekend. Can't wait to see the rest of them! Thanks!

"Beth-Anne's Mom" said...


I am so glad we chose you to do the "kids" wedding pictures! You did a fabulous job! I love the detail shots of her dress and the bridesmaids holding their flowers and of course the absolutely beautiful pictures of David & Beth-Anne down by the river. They will have these gorgeous memories forever.

Thanks, thanks, thanks

Kelli said...

Beautiful pictures! I loved all of them... you have an amazing way of putting people together for beautiful, unique and very fun pictures!

David said...

Great Job. Pictures look great.

Beth-Anne's Dad said...

Every time I look at the slide-show it brings back so many beautiful and happy memories of the weekend. You did a perfect job in capturing all of the emotions of the day in such a compelling way so that in the future we will be able to feel those same feelings all over again when we look at the pictures. Thanks for the cherished memories.


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