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I LOVE my job! I love the fact that I get to meet amazing people and share their special memories and events with them. My clients become my friends! What more could I ask for?

I have two beautiful little girls and an amazing husband. I feel very lucky that Adam and I get to work together--and we ENJOY it!

Our goal is to capture beautiful images that tell a story for you to cherish.

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My little dancers...

This was meant to be Kate's 3 year session...but it turned into a ballerina party! That whole piece of it is ironic and hilarious because we are officially dance drop-outs as of this afternoon. Kate has been to 2 classes now--actually, scratch that, 1 1/2 classes now and after much crying...we are done. It is a very sad thing for me because I have been taking pictures for Kathryn Howard's School of Dance for 3 years now--just WAITING for my turn to have my child be one of the ADORABLE children in the cute little costumes!!! Sigh. Next year. Next year will be fun because both Kate and Haylee will be able to be in classes together because Haylee will be three, making her old enough to join!

Anyway, I bought these tutus, the pink background paper and the pink chair several months ago in anticipation of Kate's 3 year portraits. Today after our failed attempt at dance class we came home and used the time to finally take the photos I've been so excited about. Haylee was so excited to be in them too, so it evolved into a session with both the girls. Cute! Cute! CUTE!!! It was everything I had (sort of) hoped it would be! You know how you get an idea in your mind and when you try to make it happen it doesn't go exactly as planned--but fine just the same??!! Well, the variable in this scenario was TWO TODDLERS!

It went nothing like I had imagined it would go as I carefully selected all the necessary items for the session over the period of several months...silly mommy!!! I should know better! Photography sessions with toddlers NEVER go the way we dream them up in our minds! I tell my clients that all the time! "Don't worry, this is completely normal for this age. Don't worry about the tears. Give her some time to settle down and I promise we will get beautiful images. " We always do! The moms are always surprised about the beautiful images we were able to capture--because they were there! They know how painful an experience it was for the mommy! :) Double sigh. I was my own client today. I gave myself the pep talk and SURPRISE!--Beautiful portraits after all!

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tester said...

You're right that you got some good pictures--those are so adorable!! The girls have grown up so much. I love the one in black and white with the girls spinning together. When I was reading your post I didn't think I would like the pink with the purple, but it actually looks really good. You really have an artistic eye...and some cute kids!

Photo Amy said...

Love your end results! And boy do I love these two girls. I really love the last B&W as well. It could be a stock image. Great job and I can't wait to see you in a few weeks.

Keri Blue said...

Thanks you guys! I can't believe how much they have grown up either! It is a little scary! ;)

Anonymous said...

hey there

Anonymous said...

oops! I'm new to this. just wanted to say how cute these are!


Jeannetta said...

OH MY GOSH! These are fantastic! I love the black and white the best.

I Miss you tons!

Keaton said...

I love you and your family so much! You have been so good to me, you have no idea how thankful I am for you and your girls. Seeing these pictures makes me so happy. You are a gift to them just as they are a gift to you.

Love you so much!

Keri Blue said...

Keaton, we feel exactly the same way about you!!!


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